Mission Statement

       In the tradition of excellence established by our founders, the Marianite Sisters of Holy Cross, St. Francis de Sales is a family-oriented parish school. St. Francis de Sales serves the children of St. Francis de Sales Cathedral Parish, the surrounding Catholic parishes, and those children of other faiths who respect our values and beliefs. St. Francis de Sales offers a strong academic curriculum and a variety of co-curricular activities with an emphasis on Catholic faith and values, fostering the love of God and reverence for all life. We provide Catholic education in a safe and disciplined environment that recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each child.


       St. Francis de Sales Cathedral School is a Christian community of believers, which has the opportunity to be unique and the obligation to be contemporary. A basic aim of St. Francis is to communicate spiritual values that enable each individual to live a new life in Christ, and to build a new earth by living the Good News.

       Keeping in mind that families are the first to communicate the Christian faith to their children and to educate them, our school community makes generous efforts to help parents fulfill their duty. It is our aim to be aware of each child's uniqueness, and it is our purpose to provide an educational setting involving a special degree of parent-school interaction and involvement with emphasis on family education. Students, families, and staff are given the experience of Christian community at worship, work, and play as an introduction to a lifestyle that takes its meaning and thrust from Christian community life.

       Catholic education is a privileged means of ensuring the presence of a Christian mentality in our present-day society. Thus, St. Francis de Sales Cathedral School accepts the responsibility of contributing to this mentality by developing individuals who lend a Christian emphasis to the secular community, and who are a vibrant force in the building and maintenance of this community.

       Therefore, students are provided with an orderly and serious academic environment. They are stimulated to relate their study to real life situations that will prepare them for survival in the world outside the classroom. The latest approaches in education are examined and utilized with an emphasis on innovation in organization, content, and method.

       Value is placed on the development and enrichment of each student's self-esteem, self- confidence, values, morals, and knowledge for their personal development. The imparting of this affective task demands that all believers--families, students, staff and administrators--reveal the Christian Message by providing a prayerful, continually supportive environment, characterized by understanding, gentleness, and sensitivity to the attitudes, feelings and beliefs of others.

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