Holy Savior Nursery & Pre-Kindergarten Programs

The first one to three years of a child's life is crucial to their development. A quality preschool experience can have lasting effects on their academic, social, and emotional ability.

Decisions, decisions!

We all want to make the decision that is best for our children and our families. If you are a new or prospective parent, we are delighted that you are exploring what our school has to offer.

The form below is for families who may decide to consider Holy Savior Catholic School as the best fit for their child. It is NOT an official commitment of any kind; it is simply one way to let us know that you would like more information.

Nursery 1 & 2  |  Pre-K 3 & 4  at  Holy Savior School

A Licensed Type I Day Care Center through the Louisiana Department of Education

Language--Build a foundation for reading skills and writing

Math--Guide their first steps through mathematical understanding by
Sorting, matching, counting, and making patterns
thinking skills through sensory activities

Science--Nurture and build natural instinct instincts, develop critical thinking skills through sensory activities

Art-Allow students to think and explore with creative solutions,
through textures, smells, colors, dance, pretend play

Social and Self-Help Skills--Build an understanding of acceptance, diversity, responsibility, sharing, taking off and putting on a jacket, buttoning buttons, snapping snaps, and tying shoes

Wellness--Encourage exercise and healthy eating habits

Fine Motor Skills--Improve eye-hand coordination when stacking and building with blocks, making puzzles, lacing and sewing cards, stringing beads, sorting objects, coloring, and drawing

Gross Motor Skills--Improve motor coordination in balancing, galloping, skipping, hopping, throwing a ball, and catching a ball


Birthday Celebrations
Easter Egg Hunt
Fire Department Visit
Grandparents Day
School Mardi Gras Parade
Parent Grandparent Lunch
Veteran's Day Program (Pre-K 3 and 4)
Holiday Parties
Fall Fun Day
Class, Group, Spring, Grandparent and Santa Pictures
Book Fairs and Classroom Book Orders
Christmas Play (Pre-K 3 and 4)
Monthly Public Library School Visits


Curriculum focus is on age-appropriate learning activities and is
geared to specific child development goals.

Nursery 1 and 2
-Using language to communicate requests
-Shapes (circle, triangle, square heart)
-Telling simple stories
-Naming pictures in a book
-Comparing sizes big and little)
-Nursery Rhymes and Repetitive Songs
-Potty Training
-Table Manners
-Daily Prayers
-Daily Pledge and Calendar

Pre-K 3 and 4
-Alphabet (Recognition of upper and lower case)
-Letters and their Sounds
-Sight Words (Pre-K 4)
-Colors and shapes
-Position Words (up, down, over, under)
-Numbers and Rote counting
-Patterns and Matching
-Community Helpers
-Songs and Nursery Rhymes
-Daily Prayers
-Daily Pledge and Calendar
-Themes (examples):

  • Outer Space, Transportation
  • Weather Seasons
  • Farm & Zoo Animals
  • All About Me
  • Deep Sea & Insects
  • Five Senses



-Daily Prayer
-Story Time
-Show & Tell
-Classroom Playtime Including:
-Blocks, Role Playing. Puzzles, Various Centers
-Group Time:

  • Songs and Rhymes, Stories, Exercise Time,
  • Bean Bag Games, Finger Plays

-Supervised Play Times:

  • Indoor Gym and Outside Play Area

-Arts & Crafts
-Daily Sleep/Rest Time
-Daily Snacks & Hot lunch prepared by a registered dietician

-Safety Drills
-Summer Parent-Teacher Orientation Meeting

-Child, Infant, and Adult CPR and AED
-16 Hours of State-Approved Annual Professional Development
-20 Plus Years Classroom Experience

  • Indoor and Playground Safety
  • Health and Safety
  • Hand Washing and Sanitation



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