Hopes for our Graduates

Hopes for a Central Catholic High School Graduate

Based on their experiences as students in a Catholic high school, we are confident that our graduates are becoming well-rounded, faith-filled, self-disciplined, compassionate, and academically prepared men and women who respond to God’s love.

As a result of our emphasis on holistic education (soul, mind, and body), we hope our graduates are well-rounded young people who:

  • are aware of their own gifts and talents
  • recognize the need to continue their own spiritual, psychological, emotional, social, intellectual, and physical growth
  • respond to God’s call to be balanced, compassionate adults
  • understand the transcendence of God and the ongoing transformation

Because of our emphasis on spiritual growth and religious values, we hope that our students graduate with:

  • a strong belief that God loves them
  • a feeling deep inside that compels them to live out their faith
  • a willingness to respond to Jesus’ directive to love one another
  • a commitment to compassion, justice, and service
  • a desire for a deeper relationship with God through prayer
  • a belief that all life is sacred and acknowledge that their bodies are vessels of God and must be protected
  • an intentional integration of faith in daily life
  • an understanding of the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church
  • a willingness to become active members in their local church communities
  • a sense of duty when faced with ethical dilemmas and a willingness to choose the moral and Christian decision

Because of our efforts to establish firm and fair discipline, we hope that our graduates:

  • have developed self-discipline that guides their actions
  • are sensitive and respond with compassion to the limitations of others
  • are reflective decision makers and realize the benefit of collaboration and cooperation
  • have respect for authority and for persons for whom they are responsible
  • approach relationships with fairness, mutual trust, and cooperation

As a result of our commitment to academic excellence, we hope our graduates:

  • will be able to compete in the global economy and secure a job that fulfills their calling
  • are intellectually curious
  • are prepared to meet the academic demands of college
  • strive to reach their intellectual potential
  • use their intellectual gifts to serve others more effectively and generously
  • will realize that all things are possible with the proper educational foundation, the proper work ethic, and the spiritual guidance of the Holy Spirit


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